Harvest Charity Foundation Limited (the Foundation) is a Hong Kong registered charity (Ref No.: 91/10914) dedicated to services on fighting poverty, education, health care and employment. In 1999, the Foundation established the Living Spring Children’s Home in Quanzhou City. It is the first unit which specializes in homeless children service in Fujian province. It aims to provide homeless children with housing and care. It aims to help the children become self-reliant so that they are able to re-engage in the society through services including education, life empowerment, coaching, and behavioural therapies, etc.

From 2011 to 2014, the Foundation was invited by the Relief Station of Fuzhou Civil Affairs Bureau to establish the ‘Fuzhou Home,’ focusing on the services for homeless children with special needs. On one hand, Fuzhou Home provided self-care and pre-employment trainings for children with severe autism and mental handicap. On the other hand, the Home offered the related training for the workers who served the children in order to improve the services of the Relief Station.

In addition to founding the homes for the homeless children, the Foundation also assists the related units in China with trainings so that experience and values of the Foundation can be transferred to mainland China from Hong Kong. In 2014, the Foundation offers training for over two hundred government officials and social workers in China throughout the year. Since 2015, the Foundation has begun to collaborate with Fuzhou the second Social Welfare Institute to train their staff and unleash the potential of their residents, improving their working capacity.



  1. In November 2011, the Foundation managed to obtain collective household registrations for the children in the Home, which allows them to study at schools and safeguards the medical rights.
  2. Children from the Home have outstanding performance in various aspects, including academics, arts and sports within the regular education system in the wake of receiving psychological counseling and behavioral modification.
  3. From 2009 to 2014, the Foundation housed more than 150 homeless children and managed to help most of the children return home, or find settlements and schools.