Hidden TreatureDrinking Fountain

Howard Kong

In the past, I stepped on this land just for work.  In the haste of work, never did I stop by and take heed of people and things here.  This time when I came back here with brothers and sisters, God let me touch the real stories of life one by one, witnessing His miraculous work on these lives.

During this 4-day-3-night trip, I lived with a group of children with learning disabilities.  These children, abandoned by their parents, learn to pronounce a simple English sound out of great difficulty.  In the eyes of the public, is it worthy to teach them knowledge and life skills? Two thousand years ago when a woman poured the expensive perfume on Jesus’ head, disciples asked a similar question.  However, Jesus said that it is a beautiful thing, because the disciples would not always have Lord Jesus.  Today, God saved these children out of their street life and live in  LSCH .  I believe that when we nurture and teach these lost-but-found children, this is the thing we should do.  Here I saw many beautiful things done one by one without much cost-counting.  

I believe in God’s eyes, that every child in  LSCH  is His beloved baby.  In their lives, I can see how God cares for them and gave them unique characters.  For example, Xiaosheng has a strong musical gift.  God let him devote to music and serve people by music.  Besides, Xiaohuang has a strong memory to seize every opportunity to learn English as he understands the advantages in it.  Xiaoliu has a  heart of compassion.  When he knew that the cake was too small to share, he offered his cake to me immediately.  Xiaozhao always blessed me out of his naughtiness.  They all possesses different traits, but one common thing is about a sad story behind each person.  I still remember one day at breakfast time, a child suddenly told me how he was beaten by his dad by his belt.  I told him that no one will ever hit him here.  Besides sadness, I realized that it was never easy to sit with such a child and talk with him today.  Here I saw many lives which have not come easily .

God is using the staff in  LSCH  and Fuzhou to let the children feel His great love.  Staff got up at 4am every morning but we joked that their work is actually a 24-hr work.  The fact is that children sometimes show unstable emotions to let our staff down.  If God were not with them and they did not know well that this job is done for Him but not for their own satisfaction or sense of achievement,  they would be frustrated very easily.  In  LSCH , I saw that staff hid themselves behind while lifted up God’s love which is solely used to serve our children.  Here I realized how the bible verse “He must increase, but I must decrease.” (John 3:30 NKJ) is fulfilled.  After listening to our staff’s sharing, I really saw how God guided them step by step and equipped them so that they can serve Him here now.  I deeply believe that God predestined these children to be pieces of hidden treasure so as to bless our staff by experiencing God more.  Here I saw the gleaming candlelight though hidden in darkness.  

I don’t know what future plan has laid for our children by God, or how many people they are going to bless through them.  But I know of His plan of giving us these pieces of hidden treasure today.  Hence, let us continue to do this beautiful thing so we can experience and witness more of His abundant love and grace.