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A. The Foundation of Living Spring Children’s Home

Living Spring Children’s Home, Quanzhou City (LSCH) is a charity registered as a non-governmental nonprofit organization, co-founded by the Harvest Charity Foundation Limited from Hong Kong and the Quanzhou Relief Management Station in China. The Home has officially come into operation since January 2009. In June 2010, LSCH received the ‘Social Welfare Institution Establishment Approval Certificate’. In September 2011, LSCH also received the ‘Private Non-enterprise Unit Registration Certificates,’ becoming the first unit which specializes in homeless children service in Fujian province.

B. Target Group: Homeless children and adolescents on the streets (‘Street Children’)

According to both the laws in China and the Convention on the Rights of the Child adopted by the United Nations, ‘street children’ in China defines as people aged under eighteen, without family or guardian care, living on the streets where they are deprived of basic livelihood and reliable protection over twenty-four hours.

C. Whence come the children

The street child who cannot be returned is directed to the Living Spring Children’s Home through the referral of the relief stations or other related departments of the government.



D. Our Team

The team of Living Spring Children’s Home is comprised of professionals and volunteers. Our team includes not only management staff, social workers, and education practitioners from Hong Kong, but also staff based in China. In addition, volunteers from both Hong Kong and China join the team at irregular intervals to assist the team and satisfy professional needs.